Hundreds of students and designers from institutions over 53 countries around the world participated in the competition. 1 first prize, 4 second prizes, 10 third prizes and 21 honorable mentions were selected. The project Boundless Forest which is designed by Yan Maosong, Li Jian, Xie Huiming and Zhu Chenjing from South China University of Technology took the lead!

First Prize Work - Boundless Forest

Design Description
The project is trying to make Tangshan's industrial civilization and natural ecology collide with a new spark through the tiny implantation of industry and the design method of imitating nature, reactivate many dotted green spaces in the city, break the boundaries between urban space and community space, and also break the boundaries between people, So that everyone in the city can find a quiet and happy space of their own, so that the forest which used to be a boundary becomes a boundless forest that everyone in the city can share.

Second Prize Work - Twin Tower Sonata

Design Description
The significance of this cooling tower renovation is not only in itself, but also in its transformation from a crude and polluting industrial building of the past to a future that is low-carbon, environmentally friendly, connected to the community, and generates a new sense of urban belonging. The project decided to preserve the original appearance of the old tower as much as possible while adding a new, smaller, lighter steel tower with a façade made of polycarbonate panels, which is translucent and light, and can be achieved at a lower cost. The new and old towers show multiple layers of interrelationship, such as new and old, light and heavy, transparent and solid, light and dark, etc. Inside the old tower we can hear amplified bird calls and feel the cool air, and we synthesize a similar delicate experience into the design of the twin tower relationship.

Second Prize Work - Art Five Play

Design Description
The memory of the place in Xiaoshan is the opera, and also the life outside the opera. The project has the idea of finding the old days in a new form and regaining the common memories of the residents. By reshaping the public space of opera culture beside the railroad at Jinjiaoqiao, we can bridge the gap between communities by bridging the divide brought by the road. It creates a visual connection, a spatial exchange and an emotional connection. The street of Xiaoshan, which is now passive and cold, will be restored to its former glory and become "alive" again.

Second Prize Work - TOWER CAFÉ Reconstruction of Abandoned Water Tower space in Yuhua West Road, Tangshan City

Design Description
In terms of function, the area is an old-fashioned residential area, with older people and a slower pace of community life. Various grocery shops are lined up, and there is a school not far away, so this living area also has the potential to attract young people. From the perspective of the life of the industrial heritage, I hope to design a coffee book bar full of industrial texture and a sculptural square atmosphere. From the perspective of form, I extracted a variety of cylindrical spaces similar to the shape of water towers from different types of old factories, and reorganized them into the site to form eight spaces with different shapes and functions. This project hopes to rejuvenate the water tower by transplanting the industrial heritage of Tangshan to the corner of the water tower, and at the same time shorten the distance between people and Tangshan industry and make the water tower a landmark building.

Second Prize Work - Paperboard·Space·Public art renovation plan

Design Description
The originality of this work comes from the bending and folding of paper. The two-dimensional ground is transformed into three-dimensional space to form the ground or wall with the soft property of paper, and rich colors are given to make the old space rejuvenate. Different shapes of paper modeling will have different functions, various styles of public facilities can form a reference point of space vision, and integrate with the city, become a part of the city.

Third Prize Work - The Market Will Tell

Third Prize Work - City lighthouse

Third Prize Work - LIGHT YOUR WAY HOME

Third Prize Work - Late Night Dining Hall - Module Night Market Design

Third Prize Work - (YOUR AVIARY) Green & Blue Corner

Third Prize Work - Through the Looking Glass

Third Prize Work - A Leaf of Misty Mountain

Third Prize Work - Evolve Back to Nature

Third Prize Work - Live with Forest

Third Prize Work - Cloud & Shadow & Forest——Smart Bus Station Design